Changing the Look of the Nikon D3400's Information Display - dummies

Changing the Look of the Nikon D3400’s Information Display

By Julie Adair King

By default, the Information display of your Nikon D3400 appears as shown on the left in the P, S, A, and M exposure modes. Other exposure modes use the same design but use a light gray background instead of the darker version used in the P, S, A, and M modes.

You can alter the Information display design and color scheme.

One helpful aspect of this display is the graphic that shows the aperture setting, or f-stop — the middle circle, set to f/6.3 in the figure. As you change the f-stop, which widens or narrows the aperture to allow more or less light into the camera, the graphic updates to give you a visual reminder of what’s happening.

For obvious reasons, this default design is called Graphic display mode. If you prefer, you can switch to the simpler design — Classic mode — shown on the right in the figure. The benefit to this display is that the critical exposure settings (f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO) appear at a larger size, which is always a plus for those of us in the “where did I leave my reading glasses?” age category.

With either design, you also can set the background color to teal, as shown on the right in the figure, or to dark or light gray. To make the change, select Info Display Format from the Setup menu, as shown. You then see the screen shown on the right in the figure. Choose the option that includes the exposure modes you want to affect and then select a design from the next screen.

Modify the look of the Information display through this Setup menu option.