How to View Your Canon Rebel T6/1300D Photos and Movies on an HDTV - dummies

How to View Your Canon Rebel T6/1300D Photos and Movies on an HDTV

By Julie Adair King

Your Rebel T6/1300D is equipped with a feature that allows you to play your pictures and movies on an HDTV screen. However, you need to purchase an HDMI cable to connect the camera and television; the Canon part number you need is HDMI cable HTC-100.

This function isn’t available when the camera’s Wi-Fi feature is enabled. So head to Setup Menu 3 and set the Wi-Fi/NFC option to Disable. (Likewise, you can’t use the Wi-Fi features when the camera is connected to a TV or your computer.)

Next, turn the camera off and connect the smaller end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port found under the cover on the left side of the camera.

Plug the small end of the cable into this camera port.

At this point, you need to check out your TV manual to locate the HDMI terminal on the TV (or other video playback screen) where you should connect your camera. You also need to consult your manual to find out which channel or input source to select for playback of signals from auxiliary devices.

After you sort out those issues, turn on your camera to send the signal to the TV set. For the most part, you can control playback using the same camera controls as you normally do to view pictures on your camera monitor. But if you’re playing movies or a slide show with background music, you must adjust the volume via your TV’s audio controls.