How to View Images in Playback on a Canon EOS 60D - dummies

How to View Images in Playback on a Canon EOS 60D

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

One of the best things about digital photography is being able to view pictures right after you shoot them. And as the LCD monitors on cameras have gotten sharper and have higher resolutions, reviewing in-camera photos has steadily become more reliable. To switch your Canon 60D camera to Playback mode and view the images on your memory card, take these steps:

  1. Press the Playback button.


    At the default settings, the camera displays a single picture at a time, with a row of picture data at the top of the frame. (The image information may be overlaid a bit differently on your LCD.) You can also display multiple images at a time.

  2. Press the multicontroller right or left to scroll through your pictures.

    • Right: View images starting with the oldest one on the card.

    • Left: View images in reverse order, starting with the most recent picture.

    Just keep pressing right or left to browse through all your images.

  3. To return to picture-taking mode, press the Playback button or press the shutter button halfway.

    You can also press AF-ON or change the exposure mode on the Mode dial to kick you out of Playback. The camera exits Playback mode and the Shooting Settings display appears on the monitor.