How to Take a Shot in Live View Mode on a Canon EOS 60D - dummies

How to Take a Shot in Live View Mode on a Canon EOS 60D

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

Shooting still photos in Live View mode involves a few options that differ from those you encounter for regular photography with the Canon 60D. After you set up Live View the way you want it to work, follow these steps to take a picture:

  1. Decide whether you want to use autofocusing or manual focusing, and set the lens to the appropriate position.

    For manual focusing, set the lens switch to MF; for autofocusing, set it to AF. If you use a lens other than the kit lens sold with the 60D, the switch that shifts you to manual focus may sport a label other than MF. Consult the lens manual for specifics.

  2. If the camera is mounted on a tripod, turn off the Image Stabilizer feature.

    Image stabilization isn’t necessary when you shoot with a tripod. And, because IS consumes extra battery power, turning it off is a good idea for Live View tripod shooting with most lenses. However, check your lens manual just to be sure: Some lens manufacturers vary in their recommendations on this issue.

  3. Press the Live View button to switch from normal viewfinder operation to the Live View preview.

    Your scene appears in the monitor.


  4. Frame the shot.

  5. Press the multicontroller to move the focusing frame over the spot where you want to focus.

    The focusing frame is that rectangle in the center of the screen.

    To put the focusing frame smack in the middle of the screen, press the Erase button (the one that sports the trash can symbol).

  6. If you’re focusing manually, turn the lens focusing ring to set initial focus.

    On the kit lens, the focusing ring is at the far end of the lens.

    If you’re using an autofocus method, press the shutter halfway to set initial focus.

  7. To magnify the view and verify focus, press the AF Point Selection button (optional).

    This magnifies the area within the focusing frame. Your first press of the button magnifies the view by 5. The second press zooms to 10X magnification. Press again to return to the normal view.


    In the lower-right corner of the monitor is a label showing the current magnification level. Underneath that label, the box inside the small rectangle indicates the portion of the overall frame that’s visible. If you need to, you can reposition the focusing frame to check another part of the image by using the multicontroller.

    In this magnified view, you can fine-tune the focus manually (if you’re using manual focus) or via auto focus by pressing the shutter button halfway. When the focus is sharp, move on to the next step.

  8. Press the shutter button fully to take the shot.

    You see your just-captured image on the monitor for a few seconds before the Live View preview returns.

  9. To exit the Live View preview, press the Live View button.

    You return to the standard Shooting Settings screen. You can then return to framing your images through the viewfinder.