Creating a Custom Menu on Your Canon EOS 77D - dummies

Creating a Custom Menu on Your Canon EOS 77D

By Julie Adair King

Through the My Menu feature on your Canon EOS 77D, you can create a custom menu containing up to five tabs, each of which can hold six menu items. The idea is to enable you to group your favorite menu options together in a way that makes more sense to you than the standard menu organization.

In this figure, for example, the first tab contains six exposure options that appear on separate tabs in the normal menu configuration.

The My Menu feature lets you create a custom menu.

Having this kind of control may appeal after you’re fully aware of how all your camera settings work and which features you use the most. But when you’re just beginning, stick with the standard menu structure so that what you see on your camera matches the camera’s documentation.

Two other issues to note about the My Menu feature: First, you can access it in the P, Tv, Av, and M exposure modes only. If you want to shoot in any other exposure mode, your custom menu doesn’t appear, which means that you have to learn two sets of menu layouts instead of just one. You also have to switch from the default guided menus and displays to the standard versions, which you do via the Display Level menu.

Should you decide that you’re ready to step up to a custom menu, check the section in the camera manual related to customizing the camera.