Spanish Vocabulary for the Workplace - dummies

Spanish Vocabulary for the Workplace

From San Francisco to San Salvador to San Juan, conversations about jobs, workplaces, and offices don’t differ much from one place to another. Here are some Spanish words and phrases that will help you talk about life on the job:

  • el empleo (ehl ehm-pleh-oh) (the job; employment)

  • presentarse (preh-sehn-tahr-seh) (to go to be present at some place; to introduce oneself)

  • la entrevista (lah ehn-treh-bvees-tah) (the interview)

  • el personal (ehl pehr-soh-nahl) (the staff; the personnel)

  • el ascensor (ehl ah-sehn-sohr) (the elevator)

  • el pasillo (ehl pah-see-yoh) (the corridor; the aisle)

  • la cita (lah see-tah) (the appointment; the date [as in going on a date with someone])

  • la secretaria (lah seh-kreh-tah-reeah) (the female secretary)

  • el secretario (ehl seh-kreh-tah-reeoh) (the male secretary)

  • gerencial (Heh-rehn-see-ahl) (managerial)

  • la carta (lah kahr-tah) (the letter)

  • la recomendación (lah reh-koh-mehn-dah-see-ohn) (the recommendation)

  • la computadora (lah kohm-poo-tahdoh-rah) (the computer)

  • la captura (lah kahp-too-rah) (the capture [in computer speak: processing])

  • programar (proh-grah-mahr) (to program; to make software)

  • el programa (ehl proh-grah-mah) (the software)

  • el archivo (ehl ahr-chee-bvoh) (the file)

  • la base de datos (lah bvah-seh de dah-tohs) (the database)

  • imprimir (eem-pree-meer) (to print)

  • teclear (tehk-leh-ahr) (to type)

  • el teclado (ehl tehk-lah-doh) (the keyboard)

  • el compromise (ehl kohm-proh-mee-soh) (the commitment; the engagement; plans)

  • el informe (ehl een-fohr-meh) (the report)