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Minding Your Business: The Spanish Idiom Asunto

The Spanish word asunto (ah-soon-toh) (matter; business; that which concerns you) is an idiom that’s used in several Spanish phrases. In some parts of South America, asunto can replace the phrase “what for.” Following are some common examples of its usage:

  • ¡No es asunto tuyo! (noh ehs ah-soon-toh too-yoh) (It’s none of your business!)

  • Estoy hablando de asuntos de negocios. (ehs-tohy ah-bvlahn-doh deh ah-soon-tohs deh neh-goh-seeohs) (I’m talking about business matters.)

  • ¡Si pelean, les quito la pelota y asunto concluído! (see peh-leh-ahn lehs kee-toh lah peh-loh-tah ee ah-soon-toh kohn-klooee-doh) (If you fight, I’ll take the ball away, and that’s the end of that!)

  • ¿A asunto de qué le dijiste? (ah ah-soon-toh deh keh leh dee-Hees-teh) (Why’d you tell him?)