Going Here, There, and Everywhere in Spanish - dummies

Going Here, There, and Everywhere in Spanish

In Spanish, you can indicate here and there in two ways. Native Spanish speakers interchange here and there often, with no distinction between the two words. Here and there are adverbs; they always work in the vicinity of a verb and words that talk about space.

  • allá (ah-yah) (there)

  • allí (ah-yee) (there)

  • acá (ah-kah) (here)

  • aquí (ah-kee) (here)

To show that it makes no difference whether you use one of these pairs of words or the other, the following sentences enable you to practice situations in which you may use here or there:

  • Allí, en la esquina, está el banco. (ah-yee ehn lah ehs-kee-nah ehs-tah ehl bvan-koh) (There, on the corner, is the bank.)

  • Allá van los turistas. (ah-yah bvahn lohs too-rees-tahs) (There go the tourists.)

  • Aquí se come muy bien. (ah-kee seh koh-meh mooy bveehn) (Here one eats very well.)

  • Acá está el museo. (ah-kah ehs-tah ehl moo-seh-oh) (Here is the museum.)

  • ¡Ven acá! (bvehn ah-kah) (Come here!)

  • ¡Corre allá! (koh-rreh ah-yah) (Run there!)

Sometimes you talk about no-places and all-places: nowhere and everywhere, along with anywhere. You can use the following phrases to express the idea of all places or no particular places in Spanish:

  • en todas partes (ehn toh-dahs pahr-tehs) (everywhere)

  • en ninguna parte (ehn neen-goo-nah pahr-teh) (nowhere, anywhere)

The following sentences can help you practice using these phrases:

  • En todas partes hay gente simpática. (ehn toh-dahs pahr-tehs ahy Hehn-teh seem-pah-tee-kah) (There are nice people everywhere.)

  • Busqué mis llaves por todas partes. (bvoos-keh mees yah-bvehs pohr toh-dahs pahr-tehs) (I searched for my keys everywhere.)

  • En ninguna parte encuentro mis llaves. (ehn neen-goo-nah pahr-teh ehn-kooehn-troh mees yah-bvehs) (I cannot find my keys anywhere.)

  • Mira por todas partes cuando busca algo. (mee-rah pohr toh-dahs pahr-tehs kooahn-doh bvoos-kah ahl-goh) (He/she looks everywhere when searching for something.)