Checking into a Hotel in Spanish - dummies

Checking into a Hotel in Spanish

If you’re traveling abroad, knowing a few Spanish hotel words and phrases can help you find good hotel accommodations in a Spanish-speaking area. The following dialogue shows what could be a common dialogue between a traveler and a hotel receptionist.

Anita has just arrived in town, and she’s at the front desk of a large hotel. She asks for a room for the night.


Necesito una habitación, con baño.

neh-seh-see-toh oo-nah ah-bvee-tah-seeohn kohn bvah-nyoh

I need a room, with bath.


¿Le gusta hacia la calle o hacia el patio?

leh goos-tah ah-seeah lah kah-yeh oh ah-seeah ehl pah-teeoh

Do you prefer a room facing the street or the patio?


Prefiero hacia el patio.

preh-feeeh-roh ah-seeah ehl pah-teeoh

I prefer it toward the patio.


Las del patio son muy tranquilas. Las habitaciones hacia el patio cuestan cuarenta pesos, sin desayuno.

lahs dehl pah-teeoh sohn mooy trahn-kee-lahs lahs ah-bvee-tah-seeoh-nehs ah-seeah ehl pah-teeoh kooehs-tahn kooah-rehn-tah peh-sohs seen deh-sah-yoo-noh

The patio rooms are very quiet. The rooms facing the patio cost forty pesos, without breakfast.


En el primer piso?

ehn ehl pree-mehr pee-soh

On the first floor?


No, las del segundo piso. Las del primero son a cincuenta pesos.

noh lahs dehl seh-goon-doh pee-soh lahs dehl pree-meh-roh sohn a seen-kooehn-tah peh-sohs

No, the second floor ones. The first floor rooms are priced at fifty pesos.


Prefiero una en el primer piso.

preh-feeeh-roh oo-nah ehn ehl pree-mehr pee-soh

I prefer one on the first floor.


Muy bien, señora.

mooy bveeehn sey-nyoh-rah

Very well.


¿Prefiere con cama matrimonial o con dos camas?

preh-feeeh-reh kohn kah-mah mah-tree-moh-neeahl oh kohn dohs kah-mahs

Do you prefer a double bed or two beds?


Prefiero con dos camas.

preh-feeeh-roh kohn dohs kah-mahs

I prefer two beds.


Tengo disponible en el primer piso la habitación número ciento diecinueve. Quiere verla?

tehn-goh dees-poh-nee-bvleh ehn ehl pree-mehr pee-soh lah ah-bvee-tah-seeohn noo-meh-roh seeehn-toh-deeeh-see-nooeh-bveh keeeh-reh bvehr-lah

Room 119 is available on the first floor. Do you want to see it?


Sí, quiero verla.

see keeeh-roh bvehr-lah

Yes, I want to see it.


Pedro, acompañe a la señora a la habitación ciento diecinueve. Aquí está la llave.

peh-droh ah-kohm-pah-nyeh ah lah seh-nyoh-rah ah lah ah-bvee-tah-seeohn seeehn-toh-deeeh-see-nooeh-bveh. ah-kee ehs-tah lah yah-bveh

Pedro, take the lady to room 119. Here’s the key.

Anita likes the room. Now she needs to take care of the arrangements and check in.


Me gusta la habitación ciento diecinueve. La voy a tomar.

meh goos-tah lah ah-bvee-tah-seeohn seeehn-toh-deeeh-see-nooeh-bveh lah bvohy ah toh-mahr

I like room 119. I’m going to take it.


¿Cuántos días desea quedarse?

koo-ahn-tohs deeahs deh-seh-ah keh-dahrshe

How many days do you want to stay?


Me quedo por tres dias.

meh keh-doh pohr trehs deeahs

I’m staying three days.


Haga el favor de registrarse. El desayuno no está incluído en el precio. ¿Va a hacer un depósito por la primera noche?

ah-gah ehl fah-bvohr deh reh-Hees-trahr-she ehl deh-sah-yoo-noh noh ehs-tah een-klooee-doh ehn ehl preh-seeoh bvah ah ah-sehr oon deh-poh-see-toh pohr lah pree-meh-rah noh-cheh

Please check in. Breakfast is not included in the price. Are you going to make a deposit for the first night?


Sí, lo voy a hacer. ¿Con tarjeta o efectivo?

see loh bvohy ah ah-sehr kohn tahr-Heh-tah oh eh-fehk-tee-bvoh

Yes, I’ll make it. Cash or credit card?


Como usted guste.

koh-moh oos-tehd goosthe

Whichever you like.


¿Me pueden despertar a las siete de la mañana?

meh pooeh-dehn dehs-pehr-tahr ah lahs seeeh-teh deh lah mah-nyah-nah

Can you wake me at seven in the morning?


Como no. Que pase buenas noches.

koh-moh noh keh pah-seh bvooeh-nahs noh-chehs

Of course. Have a good night.