Useful Little Latin Words

By Clifford A. Hull, Steven R. Perkins, Tracy Barr

Part of Latin For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In Latin, as in other languages, little words can mean a lot. How can you make a point without being able to say, “I see your point, but . . .?” The short Latin words in the following table provide some crucial transition words:

Word Meaning
et (eht), atque (uht-kweh), ac (ahk), que (kweh) and
sed (sehd) but
autem (ow-tehm) however
aut (owt) or
sive . . . sive (see-weh, see-weh) whether . . . or
neque (neh-kweh), nec (nehk) and not
ita (ee-tuh), sic (seek), tam (tuhm) so
si (see) if
nisi (nih-sih) if . . . not