How to Make Ultrasuede Strip Curtains - dummies

By Mark Montano, Carly Sommerstein

This ultramodern “curtain” allows plenty of light to come through, sways in the breeze, and is sure to be a conversation piece among guests. It’s created with horizontal panels of Ultrasuede (or other faux-suede fabric) held together with rows of safety pins that add a fun, modern-looking metallic look. Try it in any informal room. You can also try it in doorways, where it allows in sound, air, and light.

For this project, use silver-toned clips if your safety pins are silver, and brass or gold-tone if your safety pins are gold-toned. Buy one large box of safety pins to be sure of the uniformity of the pins. Believe it or not, not all 2-inch safety pins are the same. When they’re grouped as in this project, a stray really stands out. You can buy safety pins by the box at dollar stores or at any crafts store.

You may want to try alternating colors on different panels — say, blue, red, blue, red — or you can always use the same color throughout.

  1. Measure your window’s width.

    Your fabric width will be your exact window measurement, including your trim mold (for effective sun blocking).

  2. To determine your length, measure from the top of your rod to the window sill, but plan on allowing for 2 inches of air space — the 2-inch area that the safety pins will take up — between each panel.

    You may need to make your bottom panel a bit longer than the panels above it if your total length isn’t an even number. The panel will look fine if you need to take this step. Don’t make it shorter; it may seem like your last panel was a poorly planned afterthought.

    As for the proportion of the panels, unless your window is really oversize, stick with the 10- to 14-inch measurement for each panel. You’ll get a better effect this way.

    For a 30 x 60-inch window, use four 10-x-30-inch Ultrasuede panels and one 14-x-30-inch Ultrasuede panel, which you can safety pin together. The total panel length with 2-inch safety pin increments is about 62 inches.

  3. Cut your fabric into panels.

  4. Pin the four 10-inch panels together using the safety pins.


    The pins need to be an inch apart. Make sure all the safety pins face the same direction and are evenly spaced, to create a professional no-sew look.

    Your bottom panel is 14 inches long. Depending on how deeply you pinned your safety pins into the panels, you may need to trim a small amount off to adjust to your window height.

  5. Use your measuring tape or yardstick to ensure an even bottom border.

  6. Clip your curtain clips onto the top of your curtain and hang with the coordinating rod of your choice.