Decorating in the Country Cottage Style

By Katharine Kaye McMillan, Patricia Hart McMillan

Are you wondering how to decorate to get the country cottage look in your home? Achieving the country cottage look is a largely a matter of collecting the right fabrics and accessories.

  • Ruffles and flourishes in the form of dressmaker details (pleats, ribbon, welting, and other trim) distinguish this feminine and pretty look.

  • Colors run the gamut of pastels, both warm and cool.

  • Floral patterns abound, but keep the patterns small in scale so that you have more freedom to mix and match.

    Country cottage decorating is a popular choice for kitchens.
    Country cottage decorating is a popular choice for kitchens.
  • Use wood and natural elements like stone and brick.

  • Look for antique pieces, but not the upscale delicate pieces. You want to find pieces that are solid and old-fashioned. They should look like they just came from an old farm.

  • If you can’t find or afford antique furnishings, try distressing something new. Distressing will add wear and tear and make the furniture seem older than it is.

  • Country style decorating employs accessories in abundance. Items that bring to mind the everyday life of ordinary people are particularly effective, such as vintage food tins and advertising elements, and antique toys.

  • Country bedrooms should be clean and comfortable without being too frilly and fussy.