Using the Short Version of the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Routine

By Helena Fone

Part of Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

This 90-second, 4-basic-step procedure is the shortened version of the Emotional Freedom Technique energy therapy tapping routine. Make it easy to remember by using the acronym RATT:

  • Rate it: Before you begin, identify the problem and measure its intensity from 0–10. Also try to think of a very short phrase that best describes your problem.

  • Affirm it by repeating a Set-Up Phrase three times that acknowledges the problem and accepts yourself and your willingness to let it go. At the same time either rub the ‘Sore Spot’ or tap the ‘Karate Chop’.

  • Tap for it by carrying out the tapping sequence as follows: Say a reminder phrase to keep you focused on the problem as you tap on each one of the remaining meridian points of Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collar Bone and Under Arm, The reminder phrase can be shortened to, for example, ‘fear of spiders’.

  • Test it: How does the problem feel now as you think about it? What number would you give it? If the number has gone down but not to a zero then repeat the Set Up-Phrase and Tapping Sequence again.