The Six ‘A’s’ of Relaxation - dummies

The Six ‘A’s’ of Relaxation

By Shamash Alidina

Part of Relaxation For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Here are six ways you can manage something causing you stress (your stressor). Go through them and choose whichever one (or few!) you feel would work for you to encourage you into relaxation.

  • Accept the stressors that you can’t change. There’s no point fighting something that’s never going to go away.

  • Accomplish a healthy lifestyle. Eat well and exercise regularly. Make time for friends and family. Work towards a meaningful goal for you, connect with positive people and remember to allow enough time for sleep.

  • Adapt the way you see your stressor. See your problems as a challenge, a game, or a chance to learn. Focus on what’s positive about your stressor. Write down any negative thoughts you’re having about the situation, and challenge them. Consider if your stressor will matter in three years. And be grateful. Notice how many things have gone well as you work through this stressor rather than just what’s hard or difficult.

  • Allow time for relaxation and fun. Make time to do things that you enjoy every day. Have some me time and do a relaxation technique regularly.

  • Alter your strategies. If relationships are the cause of your stress, communicate to express your feelings without being aggressive. Manage your time well. Break up large tasks into smaller, manageable chucks.

  • Avoid the stressor. Step away from whatever’s causing you stress in the first place. Learn to say no rather than taking on more work. Stay away from people that frustrate you if possible.