Ten Ways to Improve Your Mood – Instantly - dummies

By Gillian Burn

Part of Healthy Mind and Body All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you experience the occasional low mood, try out the following list of ideas to help you handle the blues, boost you up and get you feeling positive again.

  • Have a little of what you fancy. What is your favourite food? Indulge yourself a little, but remember that moderation is the key. Treat yourself to an ice cream or chocolate bar.

  • Be nice to others. Doing a kind act for someone else is a great way to give your low mood a boost.

  • Get moving. Exercise can lift the weight of depression, raising you out of a low mood. Do some gentle stretches or have a walk to your local park.

  • Sing your heart out. If you enjoy singing, try it when you’re feeling down. Singing is uplifting, but choose an upbeat tune. Pop on your favourite CD and sing along to uplift your spirits and lighten your mood.

  • Phone a friend. Call a good friend to reconnect; this can help with all kinds of difficulties and raise your mood. You’ll feel so much better after sharing a problem.

  • Wash those blues away. Many people find that a long, hot bath helps soothe both mind and body. A hot shower can also refresh your state of mind.

  • Get a pet. If you’re feeling low, spend some time with your pet, or a friend’s pet. Studies show that pets help you feel to better.

  • Take time out. Spending time outdoors is a great way of brightening your mood. The natural light, sunshine and simply being in the great outdoors puts you in a better mindset.

  • Mellow your mood with mindfulness. Start living in the here and now. Accept your low mood as unpleasant but unavoidable and connect with the present in a more positive way rather than dwelling on upsetting thoughts.

  • Assume emotional responsibility. Remember that you feel the way you think.