Ten Motivating Tips - dummies

Ten Motivating Tips

Part of Motivation For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Achieving things can be hard when you feel demotivated. Help yourself to get motivated and stay motivated by always keeping these ten quick and easy tips in mind:

  • Begin with the end in mind. Knowing where you’re heading allows you to steer a clear path and achieve your goal.

  • Know where to start. Choosing a simple step first gives you encouragement and a positive feeling to keep you moving forward to the next step.

  • *Keep on track. Checking your progress helps you to see how you’re getting on and enables you to make adjustments if needed, helping you to reach your goal.

  • Believe in yourself. Having faith in yourself and your inner strength helps you make positive changes that feel right for you.

  • Motivate your team. This tip helps everyone feel happier, more involved, and more productive.

  • Ask for support from colleagues and friends. Going to people you know and trust can help you greatly. You already know each other so there are no barriers.

  • Take a positive outlook. Being positive helps your unconscious mind to focus on seeing a way around the challenge.

  • Reward your achievements. Saying ‘well done’ to yourself can make you feel great and gives you the encouragement and incentive to keep going.

  • Have the strength to change tack. Making a change is a positive action rather than staying stuck in a rut. Changing tack can often help you see different and more effective approaches to keeping you moving forward.

  • Visualise your success and see a positive end goal. Visualising a situation helps you rehearse an event in your mind before it happens, allowing your body and mind to drive you towards your goal because you have already practised succeeding.