Remembering Some Crucial Tips for Banishing Depression - dummies

Remembering Some Crucial Tips for Banishing Depression

By Brian Thomson, Matt Broadway-Horner

Part of Managing Depression with CBT For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Many people bury their heads in the sand when they become depressed and hope their depression will go away. These tips can help you to banish your depression sooner and prevent depression taking hold again in the future:

  • Don’t just wait for it to go away. Depression can last for years if untreated, and so start with some self-help. If you still feel you need more help, contact a professional.

  • Depression can be treated. Don’t give up. Keep seeking help until you recover.

  • Don’t blame yourself. And don’t tell yourself that you’re a hopeless case. Doing so is never helpful and impedes your recovery.

  • *Avoid alcohol, and seek professional help urgently if you feel suicidal or hopeless. Don’t ignore these thoughts; help is available. If you need urgent help outside working hours, contact the Samaritans (tel: 08457-909090; email: or visit your local hospital’s emergency department.