Living in Line with Your Personal Values - dummies

Living in Line with Your Personal Values

By Rhena Branch, Rob Willson

Part of Boosting Self-Esteem For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Low self-esteem can cloud your vision about what’s really important to you. Getting back in touch with your personal values and demonstrating them through action can pull your self-opinion out of the mire. Here are a few quick steps to get the ball rolling:

  1. Write down a short list of three to five issues, causes and personal standards close to your heart that you would spend your time and energy doing if you weren’t consumed by low self-esteem.

    These don’t have to be grand missions: even small things will do. Examples may include recycling, child protection issues and spending time with your family.

  2. Identify activities that reflect your listed values.

    Choose things that you can imagine yourself doing, like joining an environmental group, donating to a charity and getting home in time for dinner.

  3. Build value-led activities into your daily life.

    Turn good intentions into action by scheduling times for activities that reflect your values and sticking with them.