How to Squash Your Limiting Beliefs - dummies

How to Squash Your Limiting Beliefs

Part of NLP Workbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Limiting beliefs are those negative little thoughts or judgements that prevent you from being your best self, such as ‘I can’t make friends easily’ or ‘People generally aren’t very nice’. Follow these steps to squash those limiting beliefs and replace them with helpful constructive opinions. This way you can end up seeing them in a different and more positive light.

  1. Think of a limiting belief that you have and make a note of the picture that comes to mind.

  2. Think of a belief that you no longer find true.

    This can go along the lines of, ‘I used to believe in Santa’. Look at the picture that is presented by this belief that is no longer true.

  3. Think of a belief that, for you, is an absolute certainty.

    Need help? Think of the stars when you’re sitting in a brightly lit metropolis. Even though you can’t see them close to, you know the stars exist and you know the sun will rise in the morning. Then picture the sun rising, or whatever belief you choose.

  4. Think of a belief you’d rather have than the limiting belief you picture in Step 1.

    This may be the opposite of your limiting belief, just stated in the positive. ‘I can be fit, healthy, and weigh 140 pounds again.’ And then notice the picture that accompanies your new belief.

  5. Change the submodalities of the limiting belief from Step 1 into those of the belief that is no longer true for you in Step 2.

  6. Change the submodalities of the belief you would rather have from Step 4 into those of the belief which you are absolutely certain of from Step 3.