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How to Determine a Healthy Amount of Sleep

Poor and inadequate sleep increases irritability, which is a crucible for impending anger. The amount of sleep you need to protect your health depends in large part on how old you are. In general, younger people need more sleep at night than older people need.

Age Group Sleep Needed (in Hours)
1–24 months 16–18
2–11 years 10–11
12–20 years 8–9
21 or older 7–8

The need for nighttime sleeping is somewhat less for older adults, but they tend to make up for it by taking daytime naps. It turns out that the idea that you require less sleep in late life is a myth.

A man named Aubrey lived to be 98 years old. And up until his death, he slept soundly for eight to nine hours a night. He remained physically active — planting apple trees all by himself — and lived independently to the end. His mind was sharp, and he always displayed good humor. He was a testimony to what good sleep can do for you!