Do’s and Don’ts of Anxiety and Depression - dummies

Do’s and Don’ts of Anxiety and Depression

Part of Anxiety & Depression Workbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Coping with your anxiety and depression can be a whole lot easier if you approach it in the right way, and avoid a few easily-spotted pitfalls. The key do’s and don’ts of anxiety and depression are:

  • Do seek professional help if your problems feel overwhelming or you have thoughts of suicide.

  • Do check out other resources, such as Overcoming Depression For Dummies (Wiley) and Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies (Wiley).

  • Don’t give up!

  • Don’t feel hopeless. You can do so much about emotional distress.

  • Don’t put yourself down because you’re depressed or anxious – it’s not your fault.