Creating Well-Formed Outcomes in Your Life - dummies

Creating Well-Formed Outcomes in Your Life

Part of NLP Workbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

You can drive yourself towards want you want to achieve effectively by assessing how your life is currently, and then begin deciding where you want to go and what you want to accomplish – the key to getting there is to weigh up all the aspects surrounding your life goals before settling on them. Follow these steps to get you started on the road to achieving your dream(s):    

  1. State your goal in positive terms.

    What do I want?

  2. Self-initiate and maintain your goal.

    Am I doing this for myself or someone else?

    Does my goal depend solely on me?

  3. Ensure your goal is appropriately contextualised.

    Where, when, how, and with whom do I want it?

  4. Describe the evidence that will emerge from the procedure.

    What will I be doing to get my goal?

    How will I know I’m achieving it?

    What will I see, hear, and feel when I have it?

  5. Identify the resources you need.

    What resources do I have now?

    What resources do I need to acquire?

    Have I got evidence of achieving my goal before?

    What happens if I act ‘as if’ I already have it?

  6. Check that your goal is ecological.

    What is the real purpose behind why I want this goal?

    What will I lose or gain if I have it?

    What will and won’t happen if I get it?

    What will and won’t happen if I don’t get it?

  7. Describe the first step.