Creating a Motivational Environment - dummies

Creating a Motivational Environment

Part of Motivation For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Your surroundings can have a strong influence on how you feel. Distractions can affect your motivation and stop you getting on with what you need to do. Think about:

  • Lighting: Natural daylight, sunshine, or full-spectrum light are all ideal for keeping you stimulated.

  • Sound: Some people like working with background noise or having music playing. Others are distracted by the hum of office equipment, people talking, or noise of traffic from outside. Decide which sounds you find bearable and cut out the rest.

  • Space and view: You may need to rearrange furniture to give yourself more space. Having an untidy and cluttered desk can be very distracting and slows you up. Having windows you can open and shut and a nice view all help to create positive feelings about your surroundings.

  • Colour: Try adding colour and pictures to your walls to help brighten you up and keep you feeling cheerful and stimulated.

  • Seating: Make sure your chair is comfortable and the right height for you, especially for when you’re working at your computer. The position you sit in can make a difference to your breathing, your posture, and how awake and alert you feel while working.

  • Equipment: Make sure you have all the equipment you need for your task, so that you’re not being distracted by having to stop to find the right tools.

  • Fresh air: If your office is in the basement or the windows in your office aren’t the sort you can open and shut, make sure you have air-conditioning installed.

  • Temperature: Make sure you can control the temperature of the room where you’re working. Find out where the thermostat is and how to adjust the room temperature if needed.