Casting Off Your Cloak of Invisibility at Work - dummies

Casting Off Your Cloak of Invisibility at Work

By Kate Burton, Brinley Platts

Part of Confidence For Dummies Cheat Sheet

More often than not, the reason nobody acknowledges the great job you’re doing at work is because your colleagues are too busy worrying about their own roles. Seize the opportunity to take powerful action to bring your excellent work to the attention of your boss and colleagues with the following formula.

  1. Ask your boss to define exactly what she wants from you in order for you to get a five-star annual appraisal.

  2. Ask the same question of other people who depend on you or who are affected by your performance.

  3. Pull it all together into job objectives that you can realistically achieve.

  4. Spell out what you feel you can reliably deliver to your boss, colleagues, and customers.