Oral Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes - dummies

By Alan L. Rubin

Part of Diabetes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Insulin shots aren’’t the only drug treatment for diabetes. If your doctor prescribes oral drugs for your diabetes, use this chart to look up the medication names and dosage amounts. Then educate yourself on diabetes medications, their possible side effects, and drug interactions.

Class Brand Name Generic Name Average Dose Range
Sulfonylureas Glucotrol glipizide 10 mg 2.5–40 mg
  DiaBeta, Glynase glyburide 7.5 mg 1.25–20 mg
  Amaryl glimepiride 4 mg 1–8 mg
Meglitinides Prandin repaglinide 1 mg 0.5–4 mg
  Starlix nateglinide 180 mg 180–360 mg
Biguanides Glucophage metformin 1,000 mg 500–2,000 mg
Thiazolidinediones Actos pioglitazone 30 mg 15–45 mg
Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors Precose‚Ä®Glyset acarbose‚Ä®miglitol 150 mg 150–300 mg
DPP-4 iInhibitors Januvia sitagliptin 100 mg 25–100 mg
  Onglyza saxagliptin 5 mg 2.5–5 mg
  Tradjenta linagliptin 5 mg 5 mg