Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Set Goals for Food and Exercise - dummies

Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Set Goals for Food and Exercise

By American Diabetes Association

Work with your provider to come up with a plan for healthy eating and more physical activity. This includes both a discussion of daily food goals and weekly exercise goals.

Ask whether to plan for a certain number of calories or carbohydrates per day. Ask whether to target specific goals for limiting sodium or sugar. Write these goals down so you can refer to them later. Bring up any concerns you’re having at mealtimes or difficulties you’re having with eating or avoiding certain foods. Your provider may recommend that you see a certified diabetes educator (CDE) or dietitian to work on a more detailed plan.

Exercise is another topic of discussion during your checkup. Ask how long and how often to exercise every week. Write the plan down so you can refer to it later. Then keep track of your physical activity so you can talk about it with your provider at your next visit.

Tell your provider if you’re having trouble getting started or keeping up with regular physical activity. Pain, soreness, and fatigue are common symptoms that get in the way of being active, so tell your provider if you’re experiencing these issues so you can find treatments or alternative exercises.