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High-Tech and Diabetes Care: The Future Is Here

By Alan L. Rubin

Like most things, diabetes care hasn’t been left out of the tech revolution. Manufacturers have added technology to their products, especially glucose meters. Here are a few examples you may encounter:

  • Some meters come with Bluetooth capability. When you do a glucose test, the meter sends the result to any device that it’s paired with, such as your smartphone or your computer. It saves you the trouble of downloading from the meter.

  • Meters come with cellular capability. They can send the result to a network, from which anyone who has permission, such as a parent or doctor, can see the blood glucose level.

  • Certain meters come with audio capability. If you have a problem with your vision, the meter can say the result as well as show it on a screen.

  • Some meters communicate with an insulin pump. It tells the pump what your reading is and allows the pump to determine how much insulin to give if you permit it to.