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Add an Exercise Physiologist to Your Diabetes Healthcare Team

By American Diabetes Association

Exercise physiologists are health professionals who help you develop a fitness program. They work directly with you to assess your current health — and come up with an exercise plan that fits your goals.

Your diabetes care provider may refer you to an exercise physiologist if you have certain complications like heart or lung problems. An exercise physiologist may have you do stress or fitness tests to evaluate your health and pinpoint concerns. One of the things an exercise physiologist can help you do is develop a personalized plan for exercise.

Exercise physiologists typically have a bachelor’s degree, and sometimes a master’s degree as well. The American Society of Exercise Physiologists and the American College of Sports Medicine both offer certification programs for exercise physiologists.

Exercise physiologists are different from personal trainers or fitness instructors. Personal trainers or fitness instructors are primarily focused on helping to instruct or motivate people about exercise. You don’t necessarily need a degree to be a personal trainer or instructor, and there are a number of organizations that offer certification for these positions. You can find personal trainers at your local gym or in your community, and they can be great sources of inspiration and education on getting active. Just as with hiring anyone, ask for recommendations from family and friends and look for people with experience helping people with type 2 diabetes.