10 Rules for Diabetes Control - dummies

By Alan L. Rubin

Part of Diabetes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Diabetes doesn’t have to rule your life. Be proactive! Follow these guidelines for controlling your diabetes, and your problems should be few and far between:

  • Major monitoring: Make sure your doctor orders the key tests at the right times.

  • Devout dieting: Work with a dietitian to develop a great eating plan.

  • Tenacious testing: Check your blood glucose at correct intervals.

  • Enthusiastic exercising: Burn off calories and help your heart.

  • Lifelong learning: New things are being discovered and you need to know about them.

  • Meticulous medicating: You can’t respond to medicines you don’t take.

  • Appropriate attitude: A positive attitude results in better control of your diabetes.

  • Preventive planning: Know the menu before you go.

  • Fastidious foot care: Check your feet with your eyes daily.

  • Essential eye care: Get an eye exam every year.