How to Write a Word Search Puzzle - dummies

How to Write a Word Search Puzzle

Part of Word Searches For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re into solving word searches, why not try your hand at making one up yourself? You know the basics, just follow the ten steps here to write your own word search puzzle:

  1. Decide on a theme.

  2. Collect a lot of words on your topic, avoiding too many short words.

  3. Decide on your grid size and difficulty level.

  4. Gather your gear: graph paper, pencil, and eraser for writing the puzzle; good-quality paper, pen, and ruler for the finished copy.

  5. Place words into your grid. Use online resources to help if need be.

  6. Don’t include punctuation, spaces between multiword list items, or accented letters in the grid, but keep them in the word list.

  7. Erase and change words to get a better grid fit as required.

  8. Add random fill letters to complete the puzzle.

  9. Check the grid to make sure you haven’t included any duplicated words or swear words.

  10. Draw up the final puzzle, along with the word list, on nice paper by hand or on your computer.