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Get Physical to Solve Picture Puzzles

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Staying in good physical shape helps your brain in addition to your body. You can do a ton of mental exercises to raise your skill level, but keeping your body in good working order can also help you solve picture puzzles better:

  • Eat right. You just can’t get around eating right these days. But if you want to maintain or boost your mental performance, eat a balanced diet, be sure to include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods, and stay away from too much sugar.

  • Get up and get moving. Although a near-daily cardio workout that gets your blood pumping is ideal (think walking or swimming), you can reap many physical rewards by simply moving your body every day — gardening, cleaning, or carting the kids or grandkids around. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle encourages you to make physical movement a priority in your life, and more movement equals more oxygen to your noggin, which sharpens your brain power.

  • Don’t forget to sleep. Staying up all night doing puzzles isn’t a good idea and won’t make you a better puzzle-solver. You need plenty of rest to recharge your mental and physical battery every day.