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Surround Yourself with Others Who Support Your Plant-Based Lifestyle

By Marni Wasserman

You’re more likely to be successful if you have people around you who are encouraging you and supporting what you’re doing. You may want to have one of the following to turn to, so you can transition to a plant-based diet successfully.

  • Community potlucks and meet-ups: This is a great way to meet people who are on the same journey. They can likely introduce you to new restaurants and markets in the area and to fun activities they participate in as a group. You can find like-minded people online (try Meetup), at vegetarian restaurants, at health-food stores, or through community centers.

  • Social-media groups: Social-media groups provide up-to-date information on plant-based trends and events. Most groups post success stories or highlight role models to follow. This can be a fast avenue to help you get into the plant-based mindset. Good websites to check out include HappyCow and MindBodyGreen. If you’re into hashtags, do a search for #meatlessmondays, #plantbasedliving, #plantpowered, or #eatplants — just to name a few.

  • Cooking classes: Your local community center or health-food store likely has cooking classes at restaurants or other venues. Often, vegetarian websites tell you where local classes are held.

  • Friends and family: Having your family on board or at least interested in your decision can only make the process easier. It’s ideal if they’re open to trying your new food creations or at least to being supportive of your decision, no matter your reasons.

You may find that some friends and family members aren’t receptive or don’t understand what you’re up to. Resist the urge to become defensive; rather, just trust that you’ve made a choice that’s going to benefit you and your health, and let them worry about the rest. Inspire by example — as you lead, even the naysayers may eventually jump on board to try your new, fun recipes.