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Enrich Your Plant-Based Diet with Super Nutrients

By Marni Wasserman

Countless research studies have shown the positive effects that super nutrients can have on your health. The beauty of plant-based foods is that they offer extra goodness that your body just loves to soak up. Some of these foods are rare, some can be found in abundance, and some even travel long distances to make it onto grocery-store shelves.

So, of course, supply and demand can impact your consumption of certain superfoods, such as sea vegetables and acai, but having even a small amount of these foods and the nutrients they contain improves your health by leaps and bounds. What the Earth has to offer in terms of nutrient-rich foods is truly amazing.

It may not be realistic or logistically possible to eat all the foods named here. But do the best you can to get at least some — if not many — of these foods into your diet on a regular basis. They’re such an important part of establishing good nutrition and upping your health game.

Sometimes even just a small serving (such as a tablespoon of goji berries added to your smoothie) can make a world of difference.

These nutrients give you energy, curb cravings, and contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Powering up with superfoods and super nutrients takes your well-being to the next level. It’s not just about being healthy; it’s about maximizing your wellness potential. As you add superfoods to your normal routine, your whole being changes — for the better — in ways you never thought possible. Do what you can to work these wonders into your regular diet.

These foods can be on the pricier side because they’re not as easy to come by. Help yourself out by doing some research ahead of time at health-food stores and farmers’ markets before you buy so you can budget accordingly. And keep in mind the good news: A little of these power foods tends to go a long way, so your supply should last you a while!