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Enlist the Help of Professionals When Eating a Plant-Based Diet

By Marni Wasserman

When you first make the switch to a plant-based diet, it may be in your best interest to get some support from professionals. They can make sure you’re adopting the new lifestyle correctly, answer any questions, and help you see (and celebrate) the changes that take place in your body as a result of eating better. Consider contacting one of these professionals in your area:

  • Nutritionist: A nutritionist can help you with food and meal planning. Many can even provide tips on how to overhaul your pantry and fridge and set you up with grocery lists to restock your kitchen. Depending on the nutritionist, you may be able to get customized meal plans and recipes that can help you map out your meals during the week.

    Many nutritionists also work with your overall goals for choosing this lifestyle, whether for weight loss, more energy, better sleep, or what have you. Some can help with natural supplementation to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to thrive on this diet.

  • Naturopath: Working with a natural-medicine doctor can help you address the potential health concerns of changing your diet. Some naturopaths can help with dietary suggestions and meal recommendations, make suggestions regarding allergies and food sensitivities, and even work according to your blood type.

  • Medical doctor: You may choose to enlist a medical doctor, and this is especially helpful if you’re taking any prescription medications. Your doctor can help you monitor your dosage as you change your diet. You may find that after several months of eating a wholesome, plant-based diet you need less of your medication, and only a doctor can help you with this.

Several medical conditions, such as arthritis, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease, may improve as a result of eating more vegetables.

Insulin-dependent diabetics who are taking insulin should notify their health-care practitioner before making any dietary changes. Taking the prescribed dose of insulin when that amount is no longer needed can be very dangerous. It’s also important that patients never alter or eliminate their medications without consulting their doctor.