Tips for Making Sushi at Home - dummies

Tips for Making Sushi at Home

By Judi Strada, Mineko Takane Moreno

Making sushi at home is fun — and you can eat your mistakes! As a sushi novice armed with these sushi-making tips, you can march into your kitchen knowing that you can make some truly tasty sushi.

  • Just relax. This first tip is the most important one of all. Sushi preparation (like anything) has a learning curve. You don’t have to knock yourself out making sushi — after all, it’s only for you and friends. Remember, sushi can be sloppy-looking and still taste good. So just relax and enjoy yourself!

  • Keep sticky rice out of the bedroom. Pick up the sticky, cooked rice grains when they get stuck or dropped about, rinsing your hands frequently, or you’ll find sticky rice clinging to everything — and even tracking into the bedroom.

  • Resist the urge to overstuff. All beginners are tempted to put way too much rice and filling in their sushi rolls. What happens? The rolls don’t roll up, or they do roll up but then split open, ingredients squishing out all over the place. Think less is more — less is beautiful — and use a little less of everything.

  • Press ever so gently. Use a gentle, even, overall pressure when you use a bamboo mat to roll up your rolls. Press too hard with your fingertips or with your whole hand, and the roll comes out an odd shape, not round.

  • Moisten your sharp knives. Keep your knife moist when you slice sushi rolls to prevent tearing.