How to Shell Shrimp - dummies

By Martin Yan

Removing shells from shrimp is pretty easy, whether they’re cooked or raw. To shell shrimp, you need just your hands. If you want, put on a pair of vinyl gloves to prevent shrimp-scented hands. If you have a fresh lemon, though, you can use some of the juice to wash away the “fragrance.”

1Hold the shrimp by the tail with one hand, and then use the thumb and forefinger of the other hand to grasp the shrimp’s legs and edge of the shell.

Make sure you have a good grip with both hands to avoid sending shrimp or shell flying!

2Pull the legs and shell off the shrimp.

They should easily slip off in one piece.

3Leave the shrimp’s tail intact or pull it off.

Leaving the tail on gives a slightly fancier presentation, but removing it saves work at the dinner table.