NLP TOTE Model Coaching Strategies - dummies

NLP TOTE Model Coaching Strategies

By Kate Burton

Part of Coaching with NLP For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

The benefit of understanding Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching strategies is that if you can find times when your clients are motivated, energised, excited, making good decisions and really firing, they can learn from these situations and apply them to areas where they’re less effective.

NLP offers a simple model to explain how strategies run called the TOTE Model, which stands for Test, Operate, Test, Exit. This model suggests that when you know that you want something to happen, you run strategies until you achieve your goal. Specifically:

  • You check (Test) to see whether a strategy works.

  • If the strategy works, you move on to the next strategy (Exit).

  • If the strategy doesn’t work, you refine your behaviour (Operate) until your test shows that you’ve achieved the goal.

  • You keep looping around the model until each goal is realised.

When clients don’t get the results they want, it’s time to create new strategies. You can do this in several ways:

  • Unpack the unhelpful strategy by going through it step by step, noticing what’s missing or not working.

  • Take a strategy that works well already in another context and apply it to the problem area.

  • Find somebody else’s strategy, copy it and then try it out yourself.