Learning Resilience through Positive Psychology - dummies

Learning Resilience through Positive Psychology

By Averil Leimon, Gladeana McMahon

Part of Positive Psychology For Dummies Cheat Sheet

There are seven main skills which can help you bounce back from any adverse experiences you may go through. Keep them handy to stay resilient.

Learnable Skill of Resilience Applying the Skill
Emotional awareness /Regulation Identifying what you’re feeling.
Controlling your emotions.
Impulse control Tolerating uncertainty.
Taking time to think about decisions/actions.
Optimism Having a realistically optimistic explanatory style.
Causal analysis Looking at problems from all angles.
Considering all the factors.
Empathy Recognising and understanding the emotions of others.
Building social support through well-maintained relationships.
Self-efficacy Knowing your own strengths.
Using those strengths to cope with adversity.
Reaching out Taking appropriate risks.
Trying new things.
Accepting failure.