Knowing a Psychometric Test When You See One - dummies

Knowing a Psychometric Test When You See One

By Liam Healy

Part of Psychometric Tests For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

If you’ve never taken a psychometric test before, you may be wondering what they are, what they’re for and what they can do. A psychometric test

  • Can be a complex, time-consuming, and expensive tool to develop, with each individual question often tested on several thousand trial subjects.

  • Is constructed according to researched psychological theory about how people function.

  • Is developed using a strict set of statistical rules and quality controls.

  • Is used to compare the characteristics of different people against each other.

  • Is often used in development and training, as well as in recruitment.

  • Is often strictly timed, and has a detailed set of administration instructions.

  • Is subject to strict security controls.

  • Compares your score to those of comparison or norm groups to put your ability or personality in context.

  • Is fair and accurate when properly developed and administered by qualified users.

  • Requires high-quality training for administrators to use and interpret correctly.

  • Can provide you with some powerful insights into your own abilities and character.