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Researching Your Family History Online For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Researching your family history online can be like digging up a chest of buried treasure. This Cheat Sheet directs you to the most important websites to check out in your quest to discover your family history, and equips you with a handy list of genealogical abbreviations you’re likely to come across.

Some Genealogical Websites to Remember

This handy list of the main genealogy websites will help you get started in researching your ancestors. Each site can provide you with lots of information about your research and ways to progress your family tree.

For links to lots of other genealogical sites

To search for ancestors and share your successes

For birth, marriage and death records and certificates

For census records

For further information on resources both on and offline

For professional research in the UK and overseas

Genealogy Abbreviations

Genealogists love to abbreviate. Their documents, letters, reports and emails are full of long words crammed into little spaces, or of the same words repeated over and over again. Many of the abbreviations that you come across in genealogy are fairly self-explanatory – ‘gt grandfather’ is your great-grandfather; ‘Fred’k Smith’ is in fact Frederick Smith. But other abbreviations may catch you out for a moment or two, so here’s a list of some of the most common genealogy abbreviations:

  • b – born

  • bach – bachelor

  • bap/bap’t – baptised

  • bur – buried

  • c/ca – circa (approximately)

  • cert – certificate

  • Chr – christened

  • d – died

  • dau/daur – daughter

  • dec/dec’d – deceased

  • do – ditto

  • d/o – daughter of

  • f – female

  • FS – female servant

  • gdau/gdaur – grand daughter

  • gson – grandson

  • h/o – husband of

  • m/mar/marr – married

  • m(1) – first marriage

  • m(2) – second marriage

  • m – months

  • m – male

  • MS – male servant

  • NK – not known

  • occ – occupation

  • OTP – of this parish

  • PM – post mortem

  • s – single

  • s/o – son of

  • un/unm – unmarried

  • w/wid/widr – widow or widower

  • w/o – wife of