The Prime Ministers of Canada - dummies

By Will Ferguson

Part of Canadian History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Some of the most notable Canadian prime ministers were John A. Macdonald, Robert Borden, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Lester “Mike” Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, and Brian Mulroney. But there were many others. From John A to Stephen Harper, here’s a complete list of Canada’s 22 Prime Ministers and the political parties that they led.

1878–91 Sir John A Macdonald Conservative
1873–78 Alexander Mackenzie Liberal
1891–92 Sir John Abbott Conservative
1892–94 Sir John Thompson Conservative
1894–96 Sir Mackenzie Bowell Conservative
1896 Sir Charles Tupper Conservative
1896–1911 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Liberal
1911–20 Sir Robert Borden Conservative/Union
1920–21, 1926 Arthur Meighen Conservative
William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal
1930–35 R.B. (Richard Bedford) Bennett Conservative
1948–57 Louis St. Laurent Liberal
1957–63 John Diefenbaker Conservative
1963–68 Lester “Mike” Pearson Liberal
Pierre Trudeau Liberal
1979–80 Joe Clark Conservative
1984 John Turner Liberal
1984–93 Brian Mulroney Conservative
1993 Kim Campbell Conservative
1993–2003 Jean Chrétien Liberal
2003–2006 Paul Martin Liberal
2006-present Stephen Harper Conservative