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The following list shows the reigning kings and queens of what ultimately would become Canada, before and after the conquest of New France in 1763.

French (1534–1763) British (1763–present)
Francis I (1515–47) George III (1760–1820)
Henry II (1547–59) George IV (1820–30)
Francis II (1559–60) William IV (1830–37)
Charles IX (1560–74) Victoria (1837–1901)
Henry III (1574–89) Edward VII (1901–10)
Henry IV (1589–1610) George V (1910–36)
Louis XIII (1610–43) Edward VIII (1936)
Louis XIV (1643–1715) George VI (1936–52)
Louis XV (1715–74) Elizabeth II (1952–present)

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