Rulers of England and Scotland 1603–1707 - dummies

Rulers of England and Scotland 1603–1707

By Seán Lang

Part of British History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

King James VI of Scotland inherited the throne of England in 1603. Although this is called ‘the Union of the Crowns’, in fact the crowns of England and Scotland remained separate until the Act and Treaty of Union of 1707 joined them in the new Kingdom of Great Britain.

House of Stuart

  • James I (James VI of Scotland) 1603–1625

  • Charles I 1625–1649

Commonwealth and Protectorate

  • Commonwealth (Republic) 1649–1654

  • Oliver Cromwell 1654–1658 (Lord Protector)

  • Richard Cromwell 1658–1659 (Lord Protector)

  • Commonwealth (Republic) 1659–1660

House of Stuart

  • Charles II 1660–1685

  • James II (James VII of Scotland) 1685–1688

  • William III and Mary II 1689–1702

  • Anne 1702–1714