Kings and Queens and When They Ruled over Canada

By Will Ferguson

Part of Canadian History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The following list shows the reigning kings and queens of what ultimately would become Canada, before and after the conquest of New France in 1763.

French (1534–1763) British (1763–present)
Francis I (1515–47) George III (1760–1820)
Henry II (1547–59) George IV (1820–30)
Francis II (1559–60) William IV (1830–37)
Charles IX (1560–74) Victoria (1837–1901)
Henry III (1574–89) Edward VII (1901–10)
Henry IV (1589–1610) George V (1910–36)
Louis XIII (1610–43) Edward VIII (1936)
Louis XIV (1643–1715) George VI (1936–52)
Louis XV (1715–74) Elizabeth II (1952–present)