Important Voyages and Journeys of the Tudor Period

By David Loades, Mei Trow

Part of The Tudors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Trade and exploration weren’t high on the royal agenda until the reign of Edward VI. After that, the Crown and the merchant community keenly backed voyages. Here are some of the most important voyages of the era:    

  • 1553: Hugh Willoughby and Richard Chancellor seek a North East passage

  • 1562–1563: John Hawkins’ first slaving voyage

  • 1564: John Hawkins’ second voyage.

  • 1568: Hawkins’ third voyage – San Juan d’Ulloa

  • 1576: Martin Frobisher reaches Meta Incognita – Baffin Land

  • 1577–1580: Francis Drake sails round the world. Columbus, you were right – it’s round!