Accessing Catalog Help from the TI-84 Plus Calculator's Math Menu - dummies

Accessing Catalog Help from the TI-84 Plus Calculator’s Math Menu

By Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards

Many of the Math menu functions on the TI-84 Plus calculator have a hidden Help feature available at the press of a single key! To access the Catalog Help from the Math menu, follow these steps:

  1. Press [MATH].

  2. Use the following keys to select the appropriate submenu of the Math menu:


  3. Use the following keys to place the cursor on the function you want to use:


    Here, the cursor is in front of the fMin function from the MATH submenu. See the first screen.

  4. Press [+] to access the Catalog Help.

    It’s easy to forget the syntax for a function you don’t use very often. To save time, go ahead and type the syntax directly on the Catalog Help screen before pressing [ENTER]. See the second screen.

  5. Press [TRACE] to PASTE or [GRAPH] to ESC.

    Two on-screen prompts in the bottom-right corner of the screen can be activated by pressing the keys located directly below the on-screen prompts. ESC takes you back to the submenu, and PASTE inserts the function as shown in the third screen.