Choosing the Right Birthstones for Making Jewelry - dummies

Choosing the Right Birthstones for Making Jewelry

By Heather Dismore

Part of Jewelry Making and Beading For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Want to make a jewelry gift more personal? Add the birthstone (or crystal alternative) for the person to whom you’re giving the gift. Here are the months and corresponding birthstones:

Month Precious Stone Semiprecious Stone Crystal Alternative (Stone Color)
January Garnet Rose quartz Siam, garnet, or rose (deep to light red)
February Amethyst Onyx Amethyst or jet (light purple or black)
March Aquamarine Red jasper Aquamarine (very pale blue)
April Diamond Rock crystal Crystal AB (clear)
May Emerald Chrysoprase Emerald (dark green)
June Moonstone Pearl Light topaz, smoky topaz, or light tan or pearl
July Ruby Carnelian Siam or garnet (rich deep red)
August Peridot Aventurine Peridot (light green)
September Sapphire Lapis lazuli Sapphire or Montana sapphire (dark blue)
October Tourmaline Opal Smoky topaz (dark tan-purple)
November Citrine Topaz Topaz or Colorado topaz (tan)
December Zircon Turquoise Light sapphire or topaz (light blue or orange-red)