How to Use Common Buttons and Icons on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Below the Samsung Galaxy tab’s touchscreen, and to the left and right of the Home key, are two popular touch buttons, each adorned with its own icon. These buttons are used to control not only the Home screen but also apps.

The Menu button, below, displays a menu of commands. When no commands are available, touching the button does nothing.


The Back button, below, returns to the previous screen. It also closes or dismisses a menu, a pop-up window, or the onscreen keyboard. When there’s nothing to go back to, the Back button does nothing.


If you touch and hold down the Back button and the Multi Window feature is active, the Multi Window tray pops out.

Beyond the Menu and Back buttons, various icons appear on the touchscreen while you use the tablet. Touch these icons to control and manipulate apps.