How to Share Images from Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Apps

By Dan Gookin

Keeping your precious moments and memories by themselves in the Samsung Galaxy tablet is an elegant solution to the problem of lugging around photo albums and a video projector. When you want to show your pictures to the widest possible audience, however, you need a bigger stage. That stage is the Internet, and you have many ways to send and save your pictures and videos online.

Just about every app wants to get in on the sharing bit, especially when it comes to sharing pictures and videos. The key is to view something in the Gallery and then touch the Share icon atop the screen (and shown in the margin). From the Share menu, choose an app and that image or video is instantly sent to that app.

What happens next?

Well, that depends on the app. For Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking apps, the image is attached to a new post for other users to see. For Email or Gmail, the image or video becomes an attachment. Other apps treat the image in a similar manner: It’s made available to the app for sharing, posting, sending, or what have you. The key is to look for that Share icon.