How to Place an App on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Favorite Tray - dummies

How to Place an App on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Favorite Tray

By Dan Gookin

Lots of interesting doodads festoon your Samsung Galaxy tablet’s Home screen, like bugs on a windshield after a long trip. You can set the background, add an icon or a widget, and rearrange everything to your heart’s content. Or when your heart isn’t content, you choose to make your gall bladder content.

Some Galaxy tablets feature a Favorites tray on the Home screen. It’s a row of app icons that floats along the bottom of every Home screen panel. Or when the tablet is reoriented, the Favorites tray sticks to the side of the screen. Either way, the same icons still appear on every Home screen panel.

To add an icon to the Favorites tray, first move off an existing icon: Long-press the icon and drag it to the Home screen. Then you can drag into the blank spot any other icon. Or you can do both actions at once: Drag an icon onto the Favorites tray and one of the existing icons swaps places with it.

  • Unlike on the Home screen, you cannot create folders on the Favorites tray.

  • To determine whether your Galaxy tablet features a Favorites tray, swipe the Home screen left or right. If the bottom row of icons remains on both screens, you are looking at the Favorites tray.